Employment Standards Legislation Compliance

Employment standards legislation in Canada sets out basic obligations and minimum requirements to be met by employers.

Provincially regulated employers are bound by employment standards legislation for each province.  Federally regulated employers, such as those in banking and agriculture, are be governed by the Canada Labour Code.  While the requirements under each statute are different, they both require strict compliance with minimum employment standards.

Understanding the requirements under these statues, and how to apply them, can be a difficult task.  Even experienced HR professionals may struggle to understand the nuanced requirements of employment standards in Ontario.  These considerations may be further complicated for unionized workplaces.  Employers that knowingly, or accidentally, fail to meet the minimum employment standards may face various enforcement actions and penalties.

What do employment standards cover?

These statutes cover a broad array of employment obligations, such as:

  • Notice and severance entitlements
  • Minimum wage and overtime pay
  • Leave entitlements
  • Vacation and holiday pay
  • Hours of work and break times
  • Exemptions and special rules for certain industries or positions

How can the Canadian Employment Law team at Whitten & Lublin help?

Employment standard requirements can be overwhelming for many employers.  With the vast array of statutory requirements, employers cannot afford to overlook or neglect their obligations.  Instead, employers should take proactive steps to ensure compliance and avoid costly mistakes.

The experienced employment law team at Whitten & Lublin work with these statutes on a daily basis and are here to help employers understand their legal obligations.  In doing so, our employment lawyers will work with your business to add value and foster effective workplaces.  Employers can rest easy knowing that they are meeting or exceeding the standards required under provincial and federal laws.

Ensure your rights are protected by consulting with the experienced team at Whitten & Lublin, Employment & Labour Lawyers in Canada.