Workplace Policies

Workplace policies serve as formal guidelines to be followed within the workplace, for both employees and employers.  

Employees and employers both benefit from clear, straightforward and consistent workplace policies.  When employees know what is expected of them and the procedures to be followed, workplace conflict will be minimized.  Some policies are legally required according to the size and nature of a workplace, and care should be taken to ensure that the proper policies are in place.

Workplace policies must be made known to all employees impacted by the policy, generally in the form of a workplace handbook.  Employers will be able to rely on these policies in the event that a dispute arises.  This protects the employer, as they will be able to demonstrate that they followed fair and defined procedures.

What can Workplace Policies cover?

Workplace policies can be wide ranging and tailored to individual business needs.  Employers must be aware of their obligations to impose statutorily mandated policies.  Employers may consider instituting policies such as:

  • Workplace health and safety, including COVID-19 policies
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Performance standards and progressive discipline
  • Social media and computer use
  • Investigation and discipline procedures
  • Work hours, vacations and leaves
  • Dress code
  • Privacy and data protection in the workplace

How can Whitten & Lublin Canadian Employment Lawyers help?

Good workplace policies should be customized.  Work with an experienced employment law team to minimize liability, ensure you are meeting the statutory requirements, and promote a more effective workplace.

The Canadian employment law team at Whitten and Lublin is here to help employers draft clear and concise workplace policies that comply with the applicable statutory and legal requirements in Canada, while protecting employer interests.  Every workplace is different, and therefore policies should be adapted to your specific needs.

Ensure your rights are protected by consulting with Whitten & Lublin, Canadian Employment & Labour Lawyers.